We can map your property and create beautiful maps with stunning details

Planning the survey

Planning the survey

We create a survey path for the drone. Once the conditions are right we will fly the survey and depending on the size of your property capture hundreds or even thousands of pictures from above.


The Print

After analyzing and stitching all the photos together, we will provide you with a laminated high quality print of your property. It is sturdy enough to take into the field for work, mark-ups and planning; but also beautiful enough to be framed and hung on your wall. 

The quality and detail of our printed map will amaze you. The digital files will open the door to many applications, such as monitoring land changes over time, looking for the encroachment of invasive species, monitoring construction progress and much more.   

Ready for Google Earth

The Data

We will also provide a USB stick with all the collected data for you. It will contain a TIF image for import into geo-processing programs such as ArcGIS as well as KML files that you can instantly use in Google Earth or your regular browser.

Are you ready to take the next step? Have you always wanted to have a map of your property? Drone mapping is surprisingly affordable with a quick turn around time. Pricing depends on several factors such as size and location of your property, possible FAA flight restrictions over your property and the printed map size you want. Contact us now for a quick free quote:

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